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The New Thorens TD 309 Tri-Balance Turntable

The New Thorens TD 309 Tri-Balance turntable

Something I have always wanted is a deck to play all of my vinyl on. So one looking like a shield was right up on street……..wait, hang on, one looking like a shield?!?

Yes folks you heard right, the new Thorens TD 309 Tri-Balance turntable does, indeed, look like something the original Captain America would have on his arm.

The Background

The story began with Heinz Rohrer the CEO of Thorens making the decision that the time was right to move from the ’stabilise and grow’ strategy of the past few years to the ‘invest to re-establish position’ strategy.  Heinz had always planned Thorens as a three-term strategy.  ‘Recovery and survival’ when he first took over Thorens, then ’stabilise’, and now ‘investment to re-establish pre-eminent position’.

Of course, the way to create the products to reposition Thorens was key.  Advice was sought from many areas.  Advice was considered and a radical decision was taken.  If Thorens was to develop innovative, performance orientated products it needed a very wide combination of skills that could not come from one person. It had to be a team.  The choice of team in some ways was easy.  Heinz had already worked with Helmut Thiele on some industrial design projects.  Helmut was both a colleague and an old friend of Karl-Heinz Fink. For electronic engineering, the obvious choice was the brilliant Walter Fuchs who worked with Karl-Heinz on some projects.  That left product planning and marketing. Karl-Heinz suggested Steve Harris to get a more international team and Heinz agreed after meetings in London and Basel.  The team formed.  Some with turntable design experience, some not; but they came with the benefit of open minds.


  • New innovative Tri-Balance suspended sub chassis turntable
  • New suspension system to make setting up easy
  • New Team in design and marketing
  • Design brief: Performance, Performance, Ease of setting up, Design etc
  • Low Noise, Low Voltage electronically speed controlled DC Motor for best performance
  • Adjustable belt tension for best performance
  • Aluminium sub platter with single line contact
  • Fused silica platter for consistency and sound quality
  • New low resonance TP92 arm with precision Japanese bearings
  • Arm adjustable for azimuth and overhang.


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