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Is OnLive the PS3, XBOX and Wii Killer?

Onlive ConsoleAs Ps3, XBOX and Wii wrestles for the console gaming domination, her comes a new pint size contender. Palo Alto introduces OnLive gaming service. With the use of their small device almost the size of nintendo DS, you can plug in to your broadband and tv. Then, you’re ready to play any game you want available in their online catalog. No need to buy DVD or Blu ray discs that will clutter your home. The games can also be played on any platform from windows to mac and even the small netbook.

Unfortunately, the quality of the game depends on your broadband connection. Sudden internet hiccups can ruin your gameplay, it’s just as bad as coitus interruptus. No word how much the device cost and their subscription service would be. Just watch out for it.

OnLive also includes some features you might associate more with your DVR than with a gaming console, including a Replay feature that lets you save the last ten seconds of your gameplay, and send it to your friends.

PC gamers aren’t left out, either: OnLive’s service can be accessed with a browser plugin from either Mac or PC platforms, works identically to the TV version, and has hardware requirements so low you’ll be able, the company boasts, to play the most advanced of games on a $300 netbook.

OnLive has already signed deals with an impressive range of partners — including EA, Take-Two, and Ubisoft — and promises to have an up-to-the-minute selection of games when the service launches. Along with Burnout and Crysis, we spotted Grand Theft Auto IV, LEGO Batman, and Mirror’s Edge among the games on offer, although the lineup will likely change before the service launches.

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