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The M30P Magic Mirror Security System

The M30P Magic Mirror Security System

Do you love all things Disney? Then you would also like the M30P Magic Mirror system as the magic gadget is fabulous in itself. This magic mirror is perfect to act as your home security system.

The M30P Magic Mirror system is an excellent magic mirror system, this particular gadget is assembled with many fabulous features. The M30P is like a mirror when it is off and a 30-inch LCD display when it is switched on.

The M30P Magic Mirror system is also assembled with great features when its turned on, in the Basil of the Mirror, you would notice a CGI character and that particular CGI character includes several information related to the Magic mirror system.

We know you have the old security system, but what about the new security system. In the old security system you could not get monitor, so this is a best chance for all who desire best security system as the M30P Magic Mirror system has a feature of a monitor. The mirror is always looking outside for you. You forget about opening door of the garage? No worries, you can check as the gadget is looking outside for you.

A small sample message that would be given by the mirror is “May I inform, that your particular door has opened”. These types of particular messages you would get by the M30P Magic Mirror system.

You desire any character that you wish to be displayed onto the mirror? The creators of the magic mirror system will create it for you.

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