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October 2009
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Archive for October, 2009

EcoCamel the Water Saving Shower Head

If you’re concerned about water use in the home, power showers are a good place to start looking for savings. The EcoCamel shower head restricts the flow of water from the shower to 7 litres/minute – around half the flow of a decent power shower – which should result in significant saving if you use the shower a lot.

Solar Panels for Camping

There’s no doubt solar energy is a compelling alternative to fossil fuels, but implementing it has traditionally meant installing the standard, costly and ungainly solar panel. SRS Energy’s dual-purpose roof tiles offer one way to get around that requirement; now another comes in the form of thin, flexible solar sheets that can be integrated with architectural building materials.

Laptop – ROLLTOP

Orkin Design’s Rolltop is a flexible OLED display laptop. The “laptop” has a flexible OLED display that is also capable of multitouch. When rolled out it becomes a 17-inch flat screen but can also be folded into a 13-inch tablet of sorts.

Star Wars the Remake: This Time by the Fans

A new crowdsourced initiative invites fans to remake Star Wars. People can sign up on Star Wars: Uncut to recreate up to three of the 1,313 fifteen-second clips that make up the epic space film. They then have 30 days to film and upload their segment before the slot is offered to someone else. The 337 contributions submitted so far range…..

Space Invaders Animated T-Shirt

From Fashionably Geek: Wearing a shirt with an animated Space Invaders sequence will insure that, for once, the attention your chest is getting is not due to fully developed man boobs. The illuminated display should run about two hours on three AAA batteries.