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October 2009
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TV Armor Keeps Your TV Safe From Flying Wii Controllers and (Flying) Kids

TV Armor

Imagine this, you have saved up the money to purchase a brand spanking new 50-inch LCD television and you couldn’t be happier. In addition, you buy the kids a Nintendo Wii to go along with it. Then one day, one of your kids forgets to put on the Wii-mote wrist strap, starts playing a little Wii Bowling and then WHACK! The flying Wii controller has turned your electronic pride and joy into a 50-inch shattered window of dreams.

Fortunately for you it was only a nightmare. But I bet you are now thinking you wish there is a way to better protect your TV investment. The good news, however, there is a way. A great gadget called TV Armor, this 1/4-inch optical-grade acrylic shield protects your television (or, maybe, one in a commercial environment) from flying remotes and rampaging toddlers alike. It straps easily to the back of the television and it is crystal-clear and scratch resistant. In addition, according the manufacturer, the shield is also easily clean.

I know what you are thinking though. Won’t this shield make your TV look unattractive? Think of it this way. Sure your LCD or plasma TV won’t look as good with TV Armor in front of it, but it certainly will look better than a broken television with a cracked screen and you don’t have to worry about replacing it from accidental hits. With kids around and some adults too, this can only be a great gadget to own.

The cost of the TV Armor depends on the size of the television you have and prices start at $69 for a 20-inch television and go upwards to $289 for a 65-inch TV.

From TV Armor

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