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October 2009
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Freeview Set Top Boxes From TVonics To See In The Digital Revolution

Freeview set top boxes from TVonics
There is one company dedicated to creating the perfect digital and Freeview experience. One company committed enough to become Britain’s Freeview experts, proudly delivering access to truly iconic entertainment. With sleek and stylish digital products at affordable prices, TVonics is the company for seeing in the digital takeover.

It seems more than fair to say that television ranks as one of the most influential gadgets of the last century. Its cultural impact has been immense, giving the world access to a wealth of information and a vast pool of entertainment. From colour TVs to VCRs to digital telly, we’ve come a long way.

The first successful Video Cassette Recorder was the Ampex VRX-1000 introduced to the market in 1956. Priced at $50,000 it could only be afforded by TV networks and TV stations. It wasn’t until 1965 that the first VCR intended for home use was introduced (by Sony CV-2000). Other companies followed, pricing their VCR gadgets at around US $1,000.

Since the Video Cassette Recorder we have seen the emergence of DVD’s. Now we are entering a new era, the era of Freeview hard drive recorders. Freeview+ allows users to record on to a hard drive rather than VHS cassettes, saving time and storage space.

Now the Great Communicator of the 20th century is finally upgrading itself to the technology of the 21st. Since 2002 Freeview has been changing the way Britain watches TV and has raised the bar for broadcasting. TVonics has trailed closely, developing the vital technology that gives access to audiences; bringing old favourites back to life and creating new icons along the way. With a range of Freeview set top boxes designed to suit every style and fulfil every need, from Audio Descriptions to Scart free portable inclusion, TVonics can truly lay claim to giving the public what it wants.

TVonics, who offer a diverse and user-friendly range, ensure that going digital has never been easier or more tempting. Step inside any TVonics store, take a look at the extensive DVR and VCR ranges and watch as the possibilities of whole new viewing experience become a reality you can take home and enjoy, worry-free, for years to come.

So with the DVR being the new VCR, users can experience a much more developed digital TV journey. The ‘Digital Video Recorder’, more commonly known as the DVR, is a device used to record TV programmes which are then saved to the machines hard drive (or memory). This memory is built within the DVR where the film is stored until it is manually erased. Put simply, the digital video recorder is much like a VCR without the tapes. Not only does it provide multiple recording and viewing, but also the chance to utilise the more advanced features like pausing live tv, and watching programmes that are still recording.

So why not upgrade your old VCR today and purchase something like the TVonics DVR-FP150 compact DVR unit. For less than £100, you can have a not only a Freeview set top box complete with the electronic programme guide and up to 160GB of memory free for you to fill with you favourite movies, films and even music videos, as they happen.

Your new DVR unit can take the place of your existing Video Cassette Recorder or VCR as it is commonly known. With the easy use of your personal on-screen programme guide also known as the EPG, you can plan your complete TV viewing schedule for the for whole week, choosing in advance which films and programmes you will record, and which you will watch.

From gizmophobe

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