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December 2009
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Archive for December, 2009

LG Robot Vacuum – The RoboKing

LG have created a new robot vacuum cleaner called the LG RoboKing. The RoboKing is smaller than the previous model measuring just 90mm tall where as before the previous version was 130mm tall. This allows the vacuum to manoeuvre more easily under objects such as book cases and furniture.

Batmobile mkII……Or Is It??

A concept Russian design student Slavche Tanevski, the Ankonian, named after a breed of black-haired bull, combines sleek and angularity through a series of winged panels that appear carved from some metal obsidian alloy engineered for sheer badassery. And OLED lights built directly into the body, while a slight stretch of the imagination, are a welcome touch.

Knuckle Duster Corkscrew

A straightforward rebuttle to those who think wine is for sissies. This may not be the most practical corkscrew in existence, but it’s undeniably the most manly. It will no doubt come in handy the next time someone favourably compares a Rioja to a Beaujolais. $13 at Think Geek.

Get Around with the Zigo Leader

The Zigo Leader combines the functionality of a carrier bicycle, bicycle trailer, jogging stroller, conventional stroller, and bicycle in one brilliant system.

Is 3G4 Really An N64 iPhone Emulator??

Ok, let’s get something straight here. The video you see above is supposedly the first beta footage of the 3G4 app which is purportedly the first N64 emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It could very well be nothing more than a cleverly compiled video playing back, but the prospect of maybe being able to play Goldeneye on my iPhone one day is more than enough to make me…..