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Archive for 'Mobile Phones'

Fizzy Phone Gadget: Mobile Runs On Coca-Cola

Bulky mobile phone chargers could soon be a thing of the past with handsets running on soft drinks instead.

Is 3G4 Really An N64 iPhone Emulator??

Ok, let’s get something straight here. The video you see above is supposedly the first beta footage of the 3G4 app which is purportedly the first N64 emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It could very well be nothing more than a cleverly compiled video playing back, but the prospect of maybe being able to play Goldeneye on my iPhone one day is more than enough to make me…..

Mobile Phone Gadget Watch

Flying cars are still a little way off, but you can feel a little futuristic with the Mobile Phone Watch.

Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch With Headset

Today Kempler & Strauss launched their W PhoneWatch gadget which they claim is the world’s smallest full-function quad-band GSM cellphone watch, and given how small the market is at the moment, it’s not that difficult a claim to make. The W PhoneWatch features a 1.5-inch touchscreen interface that can be operated with your fingers, eliminating the need for a stylus, as well as an impressive set of features for a watch-sized phone including a digital camera (640×480 stills or 128×104 videos) and a microSD card slot.

The O-R-B – Give Us a Ring

The Orb is an innovative new Bluetooth headset which transforms a wireless earpiece into a ring you can wear on your finger when not using the device for making calls or listening to music. The Orb uses NXT technology to deliver bone conduction audio to the ear.