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February 2015
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Archive for 'Transport'

Batmobile mkII……Or Is It??

A concept Russian design student Slavche Tanevski, the Ankonian, named after a breed of black-haired bull, combines sleek and angularity through a series of winged panels that appear carved from some metal obsidian alloy engineered for sheer badassery. And OLED lights built directly into the body, while a slight stretch of the imagination, are a welcome touch.

Get Around with the Zigo Leader

The Zigo Leader combines the functionality of a carrier bicycle, bicycle trailer, jogging stroller, conventional stroller, and bicycle in one brilliant system.

The Forkless Bicycle

The Forkless Bicycle was created by a student named Olli Erkkila. Although people are not sure what Olli was thinking when he decided to create the bike, one thing is for certain – the end result is interesting.

Forget Segway, Here’s the Yikebike

What’s the simplest way to get from A to B with the aid of a machine? That’s the question the New Zealand-based creators of recently launched YikeBike set out to tackle from scratch. The result is a super-lightweight folding electric bicycle, with eco-iconic looks. The YikeBike is the first production version of the Mini-Farthing design concept which has been five years under development. Departing entirely from the norm, YikeBike features a radically novel riding position, steering mechanism and wheel configuration. It’s the evolutionary offspring of a Segway and a penny farthing.

007 Underwater Car

The ‘sQuba’ can dive to 10 meters and is a zero-emission car i.e. it produces 0% exhaust emissions. Just the car for us, the only downside I can see is the driver and passengers have to use oxygen masks to breath and have to get…..