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Archive for 'Watches'

ASUS Waveface Ultra Watch

With increasing years, technology is continuously doing wonders for mankind. Almost we all become prone to using the innovative gadgets and automated our lives to a great extent. Asus has announced a gracious portable device and can be easily strap to one’s wrist providing ultimate information as when required. This cool gadget is known as ASUS Waveface Ultra.

Mobile Phone Gadget Watch

Flying cars are still a little way off, but you can feel a little futuristic with the Mobile Phone Watch.

The Measuring-Tape Ora Watch

Sometimes, watches look really interesting. So many of the designs just make you want to grab it then and there. This is a conceptual watch that may give you mixed thoughts. It is a funky looking one and has a measuring-tape look-alike thing for its dial. Termed as the Ora watch, this one tells time on a series of three crisscrossed analog time strips. The top one gives time in…..

The StressWatch, Don’t Get Stressed!!

Are you wearing a wrist watch? What for? I guess you can easily find what time is it on display of a mobile phone, desktop or onboard dial in a car. Wrist watches nowadays are very much of an accessory rather than a necessity, simple as that. But, “let’s just add some more functionality to them since they have an advantage of tight contact with human body” Michael Mathis and Gerda Hopfgartner thought and came up with a new gadget, the StressWatch – a watch that shows real time status of your stress.

Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch With Headset

Today Kempler & Strauss launched their W PhoneWatch gadget which they claim is the world’s smallest full-function quad-band GSM cellphone watch, and given how small the market is at the moment, it’s not that difficult a claim to make. The W PhoneWatch features a 1.5-inch touchscreen interface that can be operated with your fingers, eliminating the need for a stylus, as well as an impressive set of features for a watch-sized phone including a digital camera (640×480 stills or 128×104 videos) and a microSD card slot.