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Yuneec e430 the Electric Plane

Yuneec e430 Electric Plane

The Yuneec e430 electric plane is the world’s first electric airplane to be commercially produced. Electric cars are becoming quite popular so it was only a matter of time before electric planes started being manufactured. Electric planes can no longer be considered futuristic.

The plane is a twin seat with a single engine and is powered by a 54-horsepower (40 kw) electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.

Yuneec e430 Electric Plane

Because the Yuneec plane is electric, it runs without fuel, has no emissions, low noise, and is very low maintenance. The plane is also very easy to fly and makes for a smooth ride. Depending on the battery packs, the plane can stay in the air from ninety minutes to two and a half hours. It takes about three hours for the battery to charge.

In addition to being easy to control and lightweight, the plane is also beautifully and simply designed. The Yuneec has a 45-foot wingspan and a 22-foot long fuselage. There are only two moving parts in the plane’s motor which means flights are low-vibration.

For an airplane, the Yuneec isn’t so expensive. The planes will cost $89,000, which shouldn’t be a big deal for the demographic of people that typically purchase airplanes.

From gadgettastic

Star Wars Light Sabre USB Glow Lamp

Star Wars Light Sabre Usb Glow Lamp
Introducing a brand new Star Wars Usb Light Sabre Glow Lamp, it will add more fun and excitement in your gadget life. Star Wars lovers will illuminate their desks and tables by using this magnificent USB Lightsaber Lamp. It will glow your life with its mesmerizing sparkling light. Give a shape to your imagination with the glowing Lightsaber Lamp.



Star Wars Light Sabre Usb Glow Lamp 2You just have to plug the USB Lightsaber Lamp into your USB port which will power the lamp. It is approx. 13.75 inches tall while on the base In addition to all above features it has built-in rechargeable battery and a USB powered base as well. The fully charged lightsaber will illuminate continuously will illuminate all other gadgets on the table as well with its spotlight.

The elegant and glorious Star Wars Usb Light Sabre Glow Lamp can be of yours for just £19.99.

From Gadgets News

ASUS Waveface Ultra Watch

ASUS Waveface Ultra Watch










With increasing years, technology is continuously doing wonders for mankind. Almost we all become prone to using the innovative gadgets and automated our lives to a great extent. Asus has announced a gracious portable device and can be easily strap to one’s wrist providing ultimate information as when required. This cool gadget is known as ASUS Waveface Ultra.

ASUS Waveface Ultra can be wear on the wrist like a bracelet or watch and carries an OLED display gives a trendy and fashionable look. It will add a personality statement and also allows to an easy access to information everywhere without any hassle. This portable device on the wrist provides you with enlarge display. As far now, this concept is totally new in the market and once it get launched it has the capability to win the heart of every person in the world.

From Gadgets News

Fizzy Phone Gadget: Mobile Runs On Coca-Cola

Fizzy Phone Mobile Phone Runs Coca-Cola








Bulky mobile phone chargers could soon be a thing of the past with handsets running on soft drinks instead.

Daizi Zheng designed the ‘greenphone’, which is powered by Coca-Cola, as part of her final university project.

The Central Saint Martins graduate came up with the concept for Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

Ms Zheng said the prototype could run up to four times longer than a traditional lithium ion battery and has the potential to be fully biodegradable.

The greenphone’s bio battery generates electricity using enzymes to catalyse sugar in the drink.

As the battery dies out, only water and oxygen are left behind.

Unfortunately, Nokia will not be developing the greenphone prototype further in the near future.

Ms Zheng told Sky News: “At the time they wanted something to bring out within the next two years and thought my design was too futuristic.”

But she added that bio batteries are being developed by large electronics companies and may be on the market in the next five years.

From Yahoo News

Energy Storage Alternative

Future hybrid cars may no longer need large batteries to store the kinetic energy created by braking with several new alternative technologies being developed in Britain.

Three UK firms were acknowledged at the Carbon Trust’s 2009 Innovation Awards for their alternative concepts for storing energy through hydraulic systems, flywheels and air tanks.

The use of air is being proposed by Ma Innovation. Its technology, which is still in the proof-of-concept stage, would take kinetic energy created by a braking vehicle to drive a supercharger that produces boost air. This boost air would then be stored in an air tank — located where the large electric hybrid vehicle battery would usually be — and later delivered to a downsized engine to help it cope with acceleration demands while the supercharger is switched off.

‘The engine only takes air at relatively low pressure at two bar,’ explained Jonathan Ma, the business development director of Ma Innovation. ‘So we would store the air at the same pressure the engine would want it at later.’

Ma compared the storage pressure to that of a bottle of coke. ‘So the walls of your tank don’t need to be particularly thick to store air at that pressure,’ he said, adding that the air tank could be made out of a single injection-moulded membrane piece.

Ma said the technology could be retrofitted to not only hybrid vehicles, but also diesel engines. The only prerequisite, he added, is the engine must be downsized — so it is designed for just cruising power — and it must be air charged with either a turbocharger or supercharger.

The company estimated that depending on traffic conditions, driving a car equipped with this technology in the city could deliver a 25 per cent fuel saving compared to a standard turbo-diesel vehicle.

When the technology is fully commercialised, which Ma estimated will be in about two years, it will be initially targeted for retrofitting onto buses and vans. However, the ultimate goal for the company, he added, is to build the technology into new cars.

Another alternative for power storage is Williams Hybrid Power’s flywheel technology.

The Williams engineers, more accustomed to developing technology for Formula One, have developed this technology for the wider vehicle market.

The company said the electrically driven flywheel is like an electro-mechanical battery that could replace a conventional battery or ultra-capacitor pack in a hybrid system.

The distinctive, patented feature of the Williams Hybrid Power flywheel technology is its ‘magnetically loaded composite’. The company claims this feature makes it possible to produce a wholly composite flywheel that integrates the magnets of the electric motor into the composite.

Williams Hybrid Power points out that the flywheel system can be made significantly smaller and lighter than conventional flywheels. It also runs at efficiencies between 97 and 99 per cent.

A further alternative for energy storage involves a hydraulic system developed by Artemis Intelligent Power. Its technology removes the need for a battery and electric motor because power is stored by a hydraulic system that harnesses energy through regenerative braking.

Ma told The Engineer that any technology that aims to replace batteries in electric hybrid vehicles will bring added environmental benefits.

‘The amount of carbon dioxide you produce to create a battery is very high and the nasty chemicals in them make them very difficult to recycle,’ he said.

‘Also, batteries don’t last that long compared to the life of a car. You would need to change your battery within the lifespan of the car several times. So then you’ve got this issue seven times over where not only is the battery not particularly environmentally friendly to make or particularly environmentally friendly to recycle, but you have to have several batteries during the lifecycle of the car.’

From The Engineer